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Lilac: some validation functions in ClojureScript


Clojars Project

[mvc-works/lilac "0.1.6"]
(require '[lilac.core :refer [validate-lilac number+ string+ or+]])

(validate-lilac 1 (number+))

(validate-lilac 1
  (or+ [(number+) (string+)]))

If validation is passed, it returns:

{:ok? true}

or the return value would contain informations why it's not correct:

{:ok? false
 :data x
 :rule x
 :coord []
 :message "failure reason..."
 :formatted-message "formatted failure reason..."}


Supported APIs:

(:require [lilac.core :refer [validate-lilac deflilac register-custom-rule!
           optional+ keyword+ boolean+ number+ string+ custom+ tuple+ vector+
           list+ record+ enum+ not+ and+ map+ any+ set+ nil+ or+ is+ dev-check]])

For example:

(validate-lilac 10 (and+ [(number+) (number+ {:min 0})]))

(validate-lilac 10 (or+ [(number+) (string+)]))

(validate-lilac nil (optional+ (number+)))

(validate-lilac :a (enum+ #{:a :b :c}))

  {:a 100, :b ["red" "blue"]}
  (record+ {:a (number+)} {:exact-keys? true}))

(deflilac lilac-good-number+ (n) (number+ {:min n}))

Or use a shortcut with js/console.error, which only runs where js/goog.DEBUG is true:

(dev-check 1 (number+))

For more details browse source code:



  • in Lilac, a "map" with specific keys are called a "record". Use map+ for dictionaries.
Rule Meaning
(and+ [(number+) (number+ {:min 0})]) apply multiple rules
(any+) expects anything including nil
(boolean+) expects a boolean
(enum+ #{1 2 3 "4"}) expects an item from listed
(list+ (boolean+)) expects a list of items
(map+ (keyword+) (number+)) expects a map/dict
(nil+) expects nil
(number+ {:min 100}) expects a number
(optional+ (number+)) expects an item or nothing
(record+ {1 (number+), 2 (number+)}) expects a record with specific keys
(string+) expects a string
(tuple+ [(number+) (string+) (boolean+)]) expects items of exact rules and order
(vector+ (boolean+)) expects a vector of items
(pick-type+ {:a (record+ {:type :a})}) expects branches picked by type

Some rules got options for extending abilities:

Rule Option Meaning
any+ {:some? true} stop accepting nils
list+ {:allow-seq? true} accepts list in a lazy sequence
number+ {:min 0} min value
{:max 10} max value
record+ {:all-optional? true} mark all fields as not required
{:check-keys? true} check keys in record obeys rules, no more
{:exact-keys? true} check all keys, no more no fewer
string+ {:nonblank? true} stop accepting blank strings
{:re #"\\d"} regex for testing string
tuple+ {:in-list? true} accepts list as input
{:check-size? true} check if size exactly the same
vector+ {:allow-seq? true} accepts lazy sequences as well
pick-type+ {:type-field :type} specify a field for telling type

Recursive data

Lilac is designed to validate recursive data, based on a "component" concept behind deflilac:

(require '[lilac.core :refer [deflilac record+ string+]])

(deflilac lilac-tree+ []
  (record+ {:name (string+)
            :children (vector+ (lilac-tree+))}))

Custom rules

To provide lilac.core/custom+:

(defn method-1 [x]
  (if (and (> x 10) (< x 20))
    {:ok? true}
    {:ok? false, :message (str "expects number between 10 amd 20, got " x)}))

(validate-lilac 11 (custom+ method-1))

To added custom validation type called method-2+ (something like number+), use an API:

(defn validate-method-2 [data rule coord]
  (if (and (> data 10) (< data 20))
    {:ok? true}
    {:ok? false,
     :data data,
     :rule rule,
     :coord coord,
     :message (str "expects number between 10 amd 20, got " data)}))

(defn method-2+ [] {:lilac-type :method-2})

(lilac.core/register-custom-rule! :method-2 validate-method-2)

(validate-lilac 11 (method-2+))

Contribute to project

If you like the idea in Lilac, fork the project and develop on your own intention. This project does not accept large changes.

The project is developed with Cirru toolchains. Clojure code are compiled from calcit.cirru. Make sure you are using Calcit Editor if you need the fix to be merged.


Since Lilac has APIs similar to number or and vector, which are core functions/variables in Clojure. I have to add prefix/suffix in names. Lilac uses suffix of + in APIs, inspired by lilac.



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