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A simple cross-compiled Clojure(Script) library to handle encoding binary data in different bases using defined alphabets. If you've ever wanted a simple way to encode a byte array as hexadecimal or base58, this library is for you!


Library releases are published on Clojars. To use the latest version with Leiningen, add the following dependency to your project definition:

Clojars Project


  • alphabase.bytes namespace for generic byte-array handling
  • alphabase.core with arbitrary alphabet support
  • Built-in bases alphabase.hex, alphabase.base32, and alphabase.base58
=> (require '[alphabase.bytes :as b]
            '[alphabase.base32 :as b32]
            '[alphabase.base58 :as b58]
            '[alphabase.hex :as hex])

=> (def data (b/random-bytes 32))

=> (hex/encode data)

=> (b/bytes= data (hex/decode *1))

=> (b32/encode data)

=> (b/bytes= data (b32/decode *1))

;; base32 is case-insensitive
=> (b/bytes= data (b32/decode (clojure.string/lower-case *2)))

=> (b58/encode data)

=> (b/bytes= data (b58/decode *1))


The unit tests can be run using the following commands:

# Clojure tests
lein clj:test

# ClojureScript tests on Node
lein cljs:test

For a REPL, you can use these:

# Clojure REPL
lein repl

# ClojureScript REPL
rlwrap lein cljs:repl


This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain. See the UNLICENSE file for more information.

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