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My cool library.


FIXME: write usage documentation!

Invoke a library API function from the command-line:

$ clojure -X :a 1 :b '"two"'
{:a 1, :b "two"} "Hello, World!"

Run the project's tests (they'll fail until you edit them):

$ clojure -T:build test

Run the project's CI pipeline and build a JAR (this will fail until you edit the tests to pass):

$ clojure -T:build ci

This will produce an updated pom.xml file with synchronized dependencies inside the META-INF directory inside target/classes and the JAR in target. You can update the version (and SCM tag) information in generated pom.xml by updating build.clj.

Install it locally (requires the ci task be run first):

$ clojure -T:build install

Deploy it to Clojars -- needs CLOJARS_USERNAME and CLOJARS_PASSWORD environment variables (requires the ci task be run first):

$ clojure -T:build deploy

Your library will be deployed to io.github.clojure-example-library/my-cool-lib on by default.


Copyright © 2023 Sean

EPLv1.0 is just the default for projects generated by deps-new: you are not required to open source this project, nor are you required to use EPLv1.0! Feel free to remove or change the LICENSE file and remove or update this section of the file!

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License version 1.0.

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