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Clojars Project

A fully functioning monitoring component for Duckula.

  • Reports metrics to Statsd via Stature
  • Reports exceptions to Rollbar via Caliban

Only useful if you're using Duckula :wink:


  • name: (optional) name of the monitoring stack, usually will be the name of your service, used only for lifecylce logs
  • exclude-pattern: (optional) a Regex to filter out metrics that you don't want to report on, e.g health-check routes, it will also switch logs to DEBUG only level. Note that exceptions thrown will always be tracked and reported!


(def system
  {;; see Caliban docs for more info
   :exception-tracker (caliban.tracker/create {:token "rollbar-token"
                                               :environment "production"})
   ;; see Stature docs for more info
   :statsd (stature.metrics/create {:host "localhost" :port 8125 :prefix "duckula-test"})
   ;; put it all together
   :monitoring (component/using
                (duckula.monitoring/create {:name "my-api" :exclude-pattern #".+health-check.+"})
                [:statsd :exception-tracker])
   ;; sets up the web request handler
  ;; ring-compatible web server component must be provided by you
  :ring-handler (component/using
                  (duckula.handler/create handler-config)
                  [:monitoring ; defined above
                   :db :publisher :elasticsearch])
   ;; ----
   ;; rest of your dependencies and the component system
   :publisher (bunnicula.publisher/create rmq-config)
   :db (...)
   :elasticsearch (...)


  • [2020-03-25] - Add exclude-pattern options

  • [2019-10-21] - Initial Public Offering


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