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The Core Team

The direction of the project is being stewarded by the nREPL core team. This group of long-term contributors manages releases, evaluates pull-requests, and does a lot of the groundwork on major new features.

nREPL Alumni

In addition, we’d like to extend a special thanks the following retired nREPL core team members. Lovingly known as The Alumni:


Thanks to the following Clojure masters for their helpful feedback during the initial design phases of nREPL:

  • Justin Balthrop

  • Meikel Brandmeyer

  • Hugo Duncan

  • Christophe Grand

  • Anthony Grimes

  • Phil Hagelberg

  • Rich Hickey

  • Chris Houser

  • Colin Jones

  • Laurent Petit

  • Eric Thorsen

Can you improve this documentation? These fine people already did:
Bozhidar Batsov & Dominic Monroe
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