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JUnit Platform engines for Clojure test frameworks

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Why do you care?

The JUnit Platform is a de-factor standard in the Java community. In polyglot projects, there is advantage in running everything through the same test runner. Or maybe you'd like to "embrace the host" and utlize JUnit as a key part of the JVM ecosystem.

What is it?

A JUnit Platform test engine for Clojure testing frameworks.

Currently supporting:

See the Release Notes for updates.

Questions, Bugs, and Features

Please use the repo's issues for all questions, bug reports, and feature requests.


Contributions are very welcome and are accepted through pull requests.

Smaller changes can come directly as a PR, but larger or more complex ones should be discussed in an issue first to flesh out the approach.

If you're interested in implementing a feature on the issues backlog, add a comment to make sure it's not already in progress and for any needed discussion.


Thanks to the JUnit5 team for putting together a great new API!

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