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This is a leiningen plugin for use with cucumber-jvm. This is a fork of lein-cucumber with more up to date dependencies.

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  1. Add [lein-cucumber "1.0.4"] to :plugins in your project.clj
  2. Run lein deps to fetch all dependencies.
  3. Run all Cucumber features with lein cucumber

Please note

lein-cucumber requires Leiningen 2.


Feature paths are resolved in the following order:

  1. Command line options (e.g. lein cucumber my-features) override all other settings.
  2. If no command line options for feature paths are given, the :cucumber-feature-paths parameter in your project.clj will be used (e.g. :cucumber-feature-paths ["test/features/"]).
  3. If neither command line options nor a parameter is used, lein-cucumber looks for features in the features/ directory.

Glue paths are resolved similarily:

  1. Command line options (e.g. lein cucumber --glue somewhere/my_stepdefs) override all other settings.
  2. If no command line options for glue paths are given, step definitions will be loaded from step_definitions/ directories inside your feature directories.

Formatted output

  1. Results are only printed to the console unless you specify a formatter
  2. To create an HTML report you can run the plugin with the following command lein cucumber --plugin html:target/test-reports

Other settings

The following settings are hard-coded into the plugin:

  • A summary report will be printed to the console.
  • Leiningen will exit with the exit status of the cucumber-jvm runtime.

See for an example project.


If you like lein-cucumber, consider endorsing me at coderwall:



Written by Jeremy Anderson, 2015. For licensing information, see UNLICENSE.

Please have a look at if you plan to contribute.

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