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A re-frame library for developing CRUD applications.

If your service exposes a swagger API, even better! This can consume swagger.json and perform HTTP calls to show, list, create and update resources.


Example app

  • There is a comprehensive example-app in this repo: example-app
  • You can find a running instance of this app here: demo
  • This uses a fairly minimal CRUD web service written in Rails, deployed here: web app


Initialize re-crud soon after you initialize your re-frame app db. re-crud.core/init takes a map of service-name:config pairs.

(require '[re-crud.core :as crud])
 {"service-name" {:service-url ""
                  :swagger-url ""
                  :dispatch-on-ready [:on-ready]}})

The dispatch-on-ready event from service config is dispatched once re-crud has parsed the swagger spec for that service. Initialize your views after this event has been triggered.

Add crud.css in your app for styling. re-crud comes with a skin that appies MUI CSS.

Use component-generators from re-crud.components to generate the view compnent and associated events.

A simple component to retrieve and display a resource would look like this.

(def show
  (re-crud.components/show {:id
                            :fetch  {:operation-id "getUser"}
                            :view   {:title "User info"
                                     :skin :mui
                                     :resource-name "User"}
                            :config {:service-name "my-service"}}))
  • :id identifies the component to the library
  • :fetch describes how to fetch the resource to show
  • :view configures UI details

TODO: add documentation around :load-component

Here's a slightly more involved example:

(def update
  (re-crud.components/update {:id      :user.update
                              :fetch   {:operation-id "getUser"
                                        :after (re-crud.components.utils/update-form-params-fx :user.update add-user-id)}
                              :form    {:operation-id "updateUser"}
                              :perform {:operation-id "updateUser"
                                        :after (re-crud.components.utils/create-fx
                                                #(dispatch [:goto-route :show-user {:user-id (:id %)}]))}
                              :view    {:skin :mui
                                        :resource-name "User"}
                              :config  {:service-name "my-service"}}))
  • :form will render user input fields based on the operation-id's request-schema
  • :perform describes how to send the form fields to (say) create/update resources
  • :after is an event that is triggered after fetch or perform.

Here's an example of what you''d get on creating a component

 :events            {:fetch
 :reagent-component re-crud.fn_some_generated-fn
 :state-path        [:crud-components :resource-info]}
  • :reagent-component is what you can add to your app's view
  • :events are ids of the re-frame events you can dispatch
  • :events :refresh needs to be implemented by the user

Running tests

Run mock server: lein run -m re-crud.mock-http-server

make test (requires phantomjs)

Dev Workflow

re-crud is developed against a running HTTP server included in this repo under the example-app/ directory.

$ # change working directory to example-app:
$ cd path/to/re-crud/example-app
$ # copy re-crud source into the app's source.
$ # this will:
$ # * delete a stale copy if it exists
$ # * override the project's dependency on re-crud
$ rm -rf src/cljs/re_crud ; cp -r ../src/cljs/re_crud src/cljs/
$ # start REPL for app
$ lein figwheel

Now we can edit source files under example-app/src/cljs/re_crud.

Before checking the updated code in to VCS, run

$ # replicate updated re-crud code back into the parent repo:
$ rm -rf ../src/cljs/re_crud && cp -r src/cljs/re_crud ../src/cljs/

License - Apache 2.0

Copyright 2017 Omnyway Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

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