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Onyx plugin for redis.


In your project file:

[org.onyxplatform/onyx-redis ""]

In your peer boot-up namespace:

(:require [onyx.plugin.redis])


Write to Redis


{:onyx/name :out-to-redis
 :onyx/plugin :onyx.plugin.redis/writer
 :onyx/type :output
 :onyx/medium :redis
 :redis/uri "redis://"
 :redis/allowed-commands [:set :get]
 :onyx/batch-size batch-size}
:redis/uristringRedis uri
:redis/read-timeout-msintTime to wait (in ms) before giving up on trying to write to Redis.
:redis/allowed-commandsvector of keywordOptional list of Redis commands that are allowed (default: all).

Segments should be supplied to the plugin in the form:

{:op :sadd :args [redis-key redis-value]}

Where op is a keyword that corresponds 1:1 to a Redis command function in taoensso.carmine, e.g. :sadd -> taoensso.carmine/sadd. Other examples are :set, :del, :pfadd, :zadd, :lpush. For more information on the commands supported by carmine, see its documentation.

Inject Connection Spec lifecycle

Injects an carmine connection spec into the event map. Will also inject as an :onyx/fn param if :onyx/param? is true.

{:lifecycle/task :use-redis-task
 :lifecycle/calls :onyx.plugin.redis/reader-conn-spec
 :redis/uri "redis://"
 :redis/read-timeout-ms <<optional-timeout>>
 :onyx/param? true
 :lifecycle/doc "Initialises redis conn spec into event map, or as a :onyx.core/param"}

When used with task :use-redis-task and with :onyx/param? true, you can use it from your function e.g.

(ns your.ns
  (:require [taoensso.carmine :as car :refer (wcar)]))

(defn use-redis-task-fn [conn segment]
  (wcar conn
        [(car/smembers (:key segment)])))

Alternatively, the conn that is created is placed under :redis/conn in the event map, for use within lifecycles e.g. :before-batch. Use in this way allows requests to be batched.

Please see the Carmine documentation for examples for how to use Carmine.


Pull requests into the master branch are welcomed.


Copyright © 2016 Distributed Masonry

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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