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GorillaPlot DSL

  • gorilla-plot is a simple data-driven plotting dsl.
  • vega is a browser based plot renderer, that uses declarative syntax to build plots
  • vega comes as vega spec and vega-lite spec. vega lite spec is compiled to vega-spec and is a more condensed specification with less features.
  • gorilla-ui defines a reagent wrapper to render vega-plots
  • gorilla-plots provides a few functions to quickly generate vega specs, and therefore vega plots.


lein notebook

This will run pinkgorilla notebook as a library, with gorilla-plot demo notebooks loaded into the explorer.


  • Legacy gorilla-plot was originally written by Jony Hudson for Gorilla repl.
  • Gorilla-Plot Legacy uses vega-spec, updated to vega 5 spec.
  • multiplot uses vega-lite spec.

Performance test

lein perf

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