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Library Usecase

Use pinkgorilla.bundler to create a dyanamic configuration files, with which shadow-cljs can build bundles.

 (pinkgorilla.bundler/generate-config-bundle bundle-name bundle-settings)

How to run it:

  ; It is expected that you have shadow-cljs installed.

  ; build bundles:

  ; run the webserver that provides the bundles
  lein run-bundle-server
  this starts a server on port 2705.

What happens

  • Bundles are created in /out/small /out/gorilla /out/mariacloud
  • Each Bundle has:
  • index.transit.json - this file is used by shadow-cljs loader.
  • ana/*.transit.json - analysis files that are used by the self hosted clojurescript anlyzer
  • js/*.js - compiled namespaces from npm and maven that will be read by the shdow-clj loader
  • src/. - source files (can be cljs or js) of the bundled namespaces.


  • CLJS Kernel has no dependencies on the libraries that it exectutes

Further Work:

  • compile all namespaces for a dependency without specifying namespaces
  • dont provide bundles, but serve on a per namespace basis
  • allow multiple versions numbers for each library.
  • dynamic on the fly compilation of dependencies via api

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