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Everything related to markdown:

  • html prose mode
  • markdown viewer
  • Prosemirror markdown editor.



clojure -X:goldly

Navigate your webbrowser to port. snippets are in running systems / snippet-registry

Use with goldly

This library provides the pinkie ui renderer [:p/markdown] [:p/prosemirror] and the css class .prose

Add this alias to your deps.edn:

  {:extra-deps {org.pinkgorilla/goldly {:mvn/version "RELEASE"}
                org.pinkgorilla/ui-markdown {:mvn/version "RELEASE"}}
   :exec-args {:profile "watch"
               :config {:goldly {}}}}

Use outside of goldly and webly

  • We use goldly and webly to manage css and for snippet examples.
  • You can create a custom clojurescript project with shadow-cljs and ignore src/goldly.

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