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For when you want to water down your Clojure projects with some Java

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Sometimes when writing Clojure code, you need to add a little Java. Many build tools have various levels of support for this, e.g. when using gradle, leiningen, or boot. Even the Clojure CLI has some support through community libraries like Badigeon. Unfortunately, the existing tools for the Clojure CLI require custom code to be written for your project, and don't follow the declarative data of project definitions otherwise written with the tool. This library provides a way to compile and use Java code from your Clojure projects, without writing any build code.


This library is available on Clojars, and can be installed as either a Maven dependency or a Git one in your deps.edn file. Just add one of the following coords as a dependency where it's needed (read on to see where it's needed).

org.suskalo/americano {:mvn/version "1.0.1"}
IGJoshua/americano {:git/url ""
                    :sha "a9da9da8e484162042067f19b05e7927b8de709d"}


In order to use americano, you simply need to define an alias that you will run.

:aliases {:compile-java {:replace-deps {org.suskalo/americano {:mvn/version "1.0.1"}}
                         :exec-fn americano.cli/javac
                         :exec-args {:source-paths ["src/java"]}}}

This will define an alias that, when run with -X, will compile all the .java source files in the src/java directory, outputting them to the classes directory by default.

Additionally, you can use aliases to "store" the arguments when multiple passes of compilation need to occur.

:aliases {:compile-java {:replace-deps {org.suskalo/americano {:mvn/version "1.0.1"}}
                         :exec-fn americano.cli/compile-aliases
                         :exec-args {:aliases [:java/pass-1 :java/pass-2]}}
          :java/pass-1 {:source-paths ["src/java"]
                        :output-path "classes/main"}
          :java/pass-2 {:compile-deps {org.junit.jupiter/junit-jupiter {:mvn/version "5.7.0"}}
                        :source-paths ["test/java"]
                        :output-path "classes/test"
                        :resource-paths ["classes/main"]}}

This will run two different compilation steps, one to compile the main java source, the other to compile tests. As you can see, additional dependencies can be specified for compilation.

In cases where the dependencies needed at runtime are substantially larger than those needed for compilation, you can also set the :include-root-deps? key to false, which will prevent your project's root dependencies from being on the classpath during compilation.


Copyright © 2021 Joshua Suskalo

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License version 1.0.

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