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Welcome to the wonderful world of Polylith for Clojure!

Polylith is made by developers for developers. Our goal is to maximize productivity and increase the quality of the systems we create. Although Polylith is not a build tool, it integrates into your build pipeline.

Polylith, as a concept, is documented here.

The documentation you are reading now describes the Polylith tool built for Clojure, a powerful and simple functional language for the JVM.

Polylith introduces the architectural concept of “service level building blocks” which can be combined like LEGO® bricks to build our services and systems. Polylith’s LEGO-like bricks are easy to reason about, test, refactor, and reuse. They allow us to work with all our code in one place for maximum productivity, from a single REPL.

We can easily assemble our Polylith bricks into different kinds of deployable artifacts, like services and tools, in the same way we put together LEGO® when we were kids! Not surprisingly, it’s just as simple and fun!

To better understand the principles and ideas behind this tool, we recommend you first read about Polylith as a concept. At the very least, read Polylith in a Nutshell, where concepts like interface, component, base, brick, project, and workspace are introduced.

You can then dig into the Clojure Polylith tool introduction.

Enjoy the ride!

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Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum sponsors are also listed and on the front page of the Polylith docs.

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