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Reagent development

Running tests

The tests use Karma to run tests on browsers. You need to install karma command to run the tests:

npm install -g karma-cli

To prepare different environments for tests run:


After this, you can run the full test set:


Running all the tests can take a while, so while developing Reagent, you might want to focus on one test environment, and use Figwheel to run tests on your browser:

lein figwheel client # For Cljsjs
lein figwheel client-npm # NPM

# Open on a browser
# Check console for test output

Building package

To build Reagent and use built version in your applications run lein install and update the dependency on your app to use the version that was installed.

Note that if project.clj uses a version that is released on Clojars, this command will overwrite that version on your local Maven repository. To restore real version, remove directory corresponding to the version from ~/.m2/repository/reagent/reagent/.

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