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Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. This change log follows the conventions of

[4-alpha-4] - 2021-10-15

  • minor api extension
  • more careful kind resolution
  • more detailed information tracking from nREPL
  • made the information flow a little more informative
  • image support
  • deriving some default note kinds by the notes' form

[4-alpha-3] - 2021-10-10

  • cleanup of old namespaces from the generated jar

[4-alpha-2] - 2021-10-10

  • API change, separating into two systems: frontend & events
  • cleaning up v3 code

[4-alpha-1] - 2021-10-09

  • An initial release of Notespace v4, a rewrite of Notespace for more seamless setup and integration with user workflows.

[3-beta9] - 2021-08-16

  • allow to specify options for cli render #61

[3-beta8] - 2021-08-16

  • excluding com.fzakaria/slf4j-timbre in project definition
  • removing the delay in listen mode

[3-beta7] - 2021-06-14

  • updated gorilla-notes version, where static rendering works differently: the client side bundle is a file living alongside the html document, rather than downloaded from a cdn

[3-beta6] - 2021-05-08

  • updated gorilla-notes version, solving some concurrency and performance problems on the frontend

[3-beta5] - 2021-03-16

  • updated to gorilla-notes 0.5.11: css changes (borught margins back), prepartation for added sci component and external files, support for math inside markdown, experimental quil support, improved browser sync
  • sci notes
  • quil notes (experimental)
  • support for external files (experimental)
  • added function for rendering a namespace to file, given a ns symbol (PR #57)
  • clojute.test support (experimental)
  • more careful note rendering (handling various situations more gracefully)

[3-beta4] - 2021-02-25

  • removed the cljfx dependency (copied the relevant parts under Notespace)

[3-beta3] - 2021-02-20

  • (temporarily?) removing the Oz-compatibility sugar, that was not implemented well
  • considering more things as ::void kind
  • inferring note behaviors from types

[3-beta2] - 2021-02-19

  • rendering notes with status descriptions properly (fixing a recent mistake in logic)

[3-beta1] (previously called: [3-alpha3-SNAPSHOT]) - 2021-02-17

  • added support for visualizing datasets as tables
  • extending markdown rendering to more types
  • bugfix in reporting the static rendering path
  • bugfix: switching namespaces correctly
  • changes in aesthetics
  • handling delays, futures, atoms without needing the D,F,A special constructs
  • using a version of gorilla-notes with an up-to-date core.async dep
  • handling event broadcasting more carefully
  • explicitly marking dereferenced values in rendering by the (@) sign
  • added api action: eval-and-realize-this-notespace
  • extended api with functions such as eval-and-realize-notes-from-line and eval-and-realize-notes-from-change
  • support for an Oz-like experience of listening to changes
  • added a view api function for viewing a single note
  • added a config option to avoid rendering the source code of notes
  • extended the dataset-grid note kind to handle sequences of maps
  • added progress logging support
  • handling config changes in the event flow, preserving config on reset
  • support for single-note-mode
  • communicating note state more carefully
  • changed default target base path from "doc" to "docs"
  • made the source base path globally configurable
  • cleanup of old dependencies and obsolete code
  • (require ...) forms get the void kind by default
  • recognizing midje facts as a special kind of note, with a dedicated rendering function
  • gorilla-notes update (0.5.0): state cleanup on server and client
  • plain html support
  • customizable server port
  • support for stopping the server
  • Notes which are forms like (def ...), (defn ...), and a few more of these, are assigned the kind :void.
  • added :code and :math note kinds
  • support for overriding note kinds on runtime

[3.0.0-alpha2] - 2020-09-21

  • changes in some note kinds
  • static site rendering
  • further progress with Clojure reference types
  • experimenting with interactive inputs and reactive notes

[3.0.0-alpha1-SNAPSHOT] - 2020-08-24

  • a complete rewrite
  • new evaluation semantics
  • new syntax
  • using gorilla-notes as a rendering engine
  • using cljfx context and subscriptions for JVM state management

[2.0.0-alpha5] - 2020-04-30

  • bugfix: using static files on live-reload mode
  • basic support for vega static rendering (through svg)
  • making sure the default target path exists

[2.0.0-alpha4] - 2020-03-29

  • master rendered location is now configuralble, and with a different default: doc instead of resources/public
  • wider zprint render (40->72)
  • more informative exceptions when note computations fail

[2.0.0-alpha3] - 2020-02-24

  • added css processing + basic.css file for rendered notebooks

[2.0.0-alpha2] - 2020-02-21

  • fixed the re-read mechanism, to update existing notes with reader metadata (e.g., source lines)
  • added a reset-state! API function

[2.0.0-alpha1] - 2020-02-21

  • a major change with a new mechanism, breaks the previous workflow
    • live-reload
    • usage of tools.reader for more accurate code-rendering
    • now code can be represented as text (rather than the forms read from the text)
    • code is indexed by lines, rather than forms
    • fixing various bugs and limitations that were related related to representing code as forms
    • written to be integrated with some basic editor support

[1.0.3] - 2020-01-07

  • changed in page rendering
  • recognizing source path carefully
  • switched to cambrium logging
  • added a new kind of tests ("checks") infrastructure
  • changed notes equality semantics

[1.0.1] - 2019-12-31

  • changed colors
  • avoiding empty table of contents
  • handling quote signs in code (see this zprint issue)

[1.0.0] - 2019-12-25

Initial v0 version.

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