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{trident/<artifact> {:mvn/version "0.1.3"}}


Because I had to call it something

Trident is my personal experiment in creating a highly-abstracted web application framework for use with Datomic Cloud. But it's also just a collection of libraries, containing anything I happen to abstract out of projects I'm working on.

My top-level goal with Trident is to maximize code reuse (especially my own, but hopefully for others as well). This has a few parts:

  • There should be high-level interfaces that give you lots of leverage (like frameworks).

  • When the high-level interfaces don't cut it, it should be easy to use only the parts you want, customizing behavior as needed (like libraries).

  • Adding code to this framework/library should be very convenient.


I keep the code in a single src dir, but I provide multiple artifacts. Any code in src/trident/<foo> is available in the trident/<foo> artifact. For example, {trident/cli {:mvn/version "<version>"}} will give you access to the trident.cli namespace. All artifacts use the same version.

I use the trident/docs artifact for documentation on cljdoc. You can browse the namespaces there to see what's available, but briefly:

  • is a collection of deps.edn-based build tasks. I've provided a consistent interface over tasks for generating pom.xml; packaging, installing and deploying jars; and ingesting code into a locally running instance of cljdoc, and I've also provided tasks for working with monolithic projects (like this one).

    Also see, a script that makes running build tasks fast.

  • trident.cli makes it easy to define and reuse command line interfaces for deps.edn-based build tasks. (I use it in

  • trident.util is a collection of utility functions & macros.

  • trident.repl is a handful of convenience functions for use at the repl.

There are other libraries in there (including libraries for working with Datomic), but I'll make those visible after I've written documentation for them.


While I hope Trident will be useful for others, I'm primarily focusing on my own use cases because 1) there are things I want to build, 2) developing Trident as I build real things will help to make sure it's actually useful. With that out of the way, if you're interested in anything Trident provides, I'd love to chat.



Distributed under the EPL v2.0

Copyright © 2019 Jacob O'Bryant.

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