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NOTE: Everything here is considered work in progress and subject to change.

Database for entities defined with defentity from workflo/macros.

Database format

The database format is defined with the workflo.entitydb.specs.v1/entitydb spec. An entitydb database is structured as follows:

{;; Actual database content
 {<entity-name-1> {<entity-id-1> <entity-data-1>

 ;; Indexes
 {<index-name-1> <index-data-1>

where :workflo.entitydb.v1/indexes is entirely optional.

NOTE: There is no support for indexes yet. We will work out a concept soon.

A specific database with two :team and :user entities might look like this:

 {:user {"596e2b0e7ca846ed9508775ebe6f3541"
         {:workflo/id "596e2b0e7ca846ed9508775ebe6f3541"
          :user/name "Joe"
          :user/email ""}
         {:workflo/id "596e2b0e9b814772aabf6a997273b3ed"
          :user/name "Linda"
          :user/email ""}}
  :team {"596e2b0e679e46aea7388db22ccd4b57"
         {:workflo/id "596e2b0e679e46aea7388db22ccd4b57"
          :team/name "Team Alpha"
          :team/members #{{:workflo/id "596e2b0e7ca846ed9508775ebe6f3541"}
                          {:workflo/id "596e2b0e9b814772aabf6a997273b3ed"}}}}}}}


  1. Install boot
  2. Clone this repository
  3. Run the tests:
    • boot test to run tests once
    • boot watch test to run tests continuously on changes


This project is licensed under the MIT license.

Copyright © 2017 Workflo, Inc.

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