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Yetibot development



Yetibot needs a postgres database. It defaults to yetibot but this is configurable. Ensure you have Postgres installed, then create the database:

createdb yetibot

Build a Docker image

lein do clean, uberjar


Start up a development REPL with:

lein repl



To load a core set of commands and connect to any configured adapters.

At this point a typical dev workflow would be to iteratively write and reload code from your editor as is common in the Clojure community. See Essentials for docs on setting up various editors for Clojure development.

You can also optionally load all commands from the REPL using:


To fully reload and restart the adapters and database connections, use:


And to stop, simply use:


See source for yetibot.core.repl for more info.



codeclimate analyze

From the repo root to lint.

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