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Log strategies

This library offers two ways to access the logs of the running container: The :string strategy and the :fn strategy.

String Strategy

The :string strategy sets up a function in the returned map, under the string-log key. This function enables the dumping of the logs when passed to the dump-logs function.


{:log-strategy :string}

Then, later in your program, you can access the logs thus:

(def container-config (tc/start! container))
(tc/dump-logs container-config)

Function Strategy

The :fn strategy accepts an additional parameter :function in the configuration map, which allows you to pass a function to the Testcontainers log mechanism which accepts a single String parameter and gets called for every log line. This way you can pass the container logging on to the logging library of your choice.


{:log-strategy :fn
 :function     (fn [log-line] (println "From Container: " log-line))}

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