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Xiana framework

Xiana is a lightweight web-application framework written in Clojure, for Clojure. The goal is to be simple, fast, and most importantly - a welcoming platform for web programmers with different backgrounds who want to experience the wonders of functional programming!

It's easy to install, fun to experiment with, and a powerful tool to produce monolithic web applications.


From template

Xiana has its own Leiningen template, so you can create a skeleton project with

lein new xiana app

It also has a deps.edn template. Instructions for using it are here

getting-started explains how to use this to create a very simple app with a db, a backend offering an API, and a frontend that displays something from the database.

As a dependency

Add it to your project as a dependency from clojars:

Clojars Project



Visit examples folder, to see how you can perform


Concept of interceptors

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