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CurveCP is a low-level protocol for streaming bytes across the network, much like TCP. Except in a secure manner.

This is an attempt to translate the reference implementation into clojure.


bootlaces tries to use adzerk.bootlaces.template/update- dependency to update the version referenced in here.

FIXME: Take advantage of that


It was initially designed by Daniel J. Bernstein. The spec, justification, and explanation can be found at CurveCP.


Not even pre-alpha. I have most of the handshake translated, and I've been able to round-trip a single echo message without encryption or network access, but there's still a lot to be done.

In retrospect, this probably wasn't a great idea. A pure java implementation seems like it would have been a much wiser choice.

But, hey, I've taken it this far. And this does give me a higher-level perspective to really think about what's going on, above and beyond the bit twiddling.


Although you probably don't want to actually use it yet.

Maven Coordinates

[com.frereth/cp "current version"]

Docker creation

docker build -t frereth/curve-cp .

Local Installation

boot install

Publish to clojars

From the master branch

boot set-version javac build-jar push-release

TODO: Add option for builds that look like "real" releases with no hashes in the version "number."

From a working branch

boot publish-from-branch

REPL connection

bash> boot cider-repl

then connect to nrepl over port 32767.


Line numbers in comments

A lot of comments reference line numbers. Those really point back to the reference implementation, from


Having the tweetnacl java source just copy/pasted in the middle breaks every linter I've tried to use. It seems like that part really needs to be published somewhere as its own library.

Then again, maybe not. Maybe that violates the entire point behind using tweetnacl.


Copyright © 2017-2018 James Gatannah

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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