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ClojureScript wrapper for hxdaedalus-js path-finding and triangulation



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What does it do?

Path finding in 2D space based on Delaunay triangulation. The main use case is for 2D games, where you want to determine a path from A to B, while keeping obstacles into account. For example, in point-in-click games, walking towards where the player has clicked.

The original implementation was written in ActionScript by Cédric Jules in 2013. This code was later ported to Haxe as hxDaedalus, a language which transpiles to multiple other languages, including JavaScript. This is how we end up with hxdaedalus-js, which this library is a ClojureScript wrapper for.

Cédric based their code on three research papers:

This library

  • Adds ClojureScript printer definitions for all of Daedalus's types, so you can see what you are doing when working on a REPL
  • Implement ILookup, so you can access plain variables and object getters with (:x obj) style keyword access (also supports destructuring, get-in, etc.)
  • Implement ITransientCollection for Mesh, so you can conveniently conj! things onto it
  • Create constructor functions, for a more idiomatic API
  • Adds a few helper functions, build-rect-mesh, rect, find-path


(def p (d/PathFinder.))
(set! (.-entity p) entity)
(set! (.-mesh p) world)


(d/path-finder {:entity entity :mesh world})

The best docs for what this library can do are the wiki pages of the original project, which I have archived here in case the original disappear.



lambdaisland/daedalus {:mvn/version "0.0.31"}


[lambdaisland/daedalus "0.0.31"]


(require '[lambdaisland.daedalus :as d])

;; Entity that is looking for a path, 
(def entity (d/entity-ai {:x 10 :y 10 :radius 1}))

;; you can update `:x` / `:y` to set the start position
;; (set! (.-x entity) 20)

(def world (d/build-rect-mesh 100 100))
(def path-finder (d/path-finder {:entity entity :mesh world}))

;; add obstacle
(conj! world (d/rect 10 12 10 10))

;; find a path
(d/find-path path-finder 30 30)
([10 10]
 [20.09901714548254 11.004914272587285]
 [20.38268343236509 11.076120467488714]
 [20.707106781186546 11.292893218813452]
 [20.89671072740957 11.557382929216907]
 [30 30])


Everyone has a right to submit patches to daedalus, and thus become a contributor.

Contributors MUST

  • adhere to the LambdaIsland Clojure Style Guide
  • write patches that solve a problem. Start by stating the problem, then supply a minimal solution. *
  • agree to license their contributions as MPL 2.0.
  • not break the contract with downstream consumers. **
  • not break the tests.

Contributors SHOULD

  • update the CHANGELOG and README.
  • add tests for new functionality.

If you submit a pull request that adheres to these rules, then it will almost certainly be merged immediately. However some things may require more consideration. If you add new dependencies, or significantly increase the API surface, then we need to decide if these changes are in line with the project's goals. In this case you can start by writing a pitch, and collecting feedback on it.

* This goes for features too, a feature needs to solve a problem. State the problem it solves, then supply a minimal solution.

** As long as this project has not seen a public release (i.e. is not on Clojars) we may still consider making breaking changes, if there is consensus that the changes are justified.


Copyright © 2021 Arne Brasseur and Contributors

Licensed under the term of the Mozilla Public License 2.0, see LICENSE.

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