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Holy Lambda

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Tiny native AWS Custom Lambda Runtime which fulfills your needs!

[fierycod/holy-lambda "0.1.10"]

What it does?

It allows you to write one code which might run either on Official Java AWS Runtime or on Native Custom AWS Runtime built into your codebase.

Jump here to learn more and start the journey with the Holy Lambda.


(ns some.ns
    [fierycod.holy-lambda.core :as h]
    [fierycod.holy-lambda.native :as native]
    [fierycod.holy-lambda.response :as hr]))
(h/deflambda ExampleLambda
  "I can run on both Java and Native..."
  [{:keys [event ctx]}]
  (hr/text "Hello world"))
(native/entrypoint [#'ExampleLambda])


Generate a new project from template via

lein new holy-lambda <your-project-name>

Thanks to

  • Daria - Thank you that you were always beside me, fighting for me when I had no faith and energy.
  • @KrzysztofTucholski - Thank you for boosting my ego
  • @uswitch - Thank you for interests in AWS Lambda Functions and providing us the lambada
  • @hjhamala - Thank you for sharing post about native lambda functions. You have inspired me to write holy-lambda.
  • Rum - deflambda parse mechanism is adapted from rum.
  • Ring - code from fierycod.holy-lambda.response is adapted from ring-core.


Copyright © 2021 Karol Wojcik aka Fierycod

Released under the MIT license.

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