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0.1.2 (05-04-2021)


  • Add full support for async-retriever (look at examples/hello-world &
  • Remove unecessary steps for CircleCI
  • Add tests. Allow async handlers (future, promise, map)
  • Add
  • Provide response utils based on ring-core. Add example of redirect

0.1.1 (05-04-2021) (Breaking change)

Handler definition has been changed from [event,context] -> response to [request] -> response.


  • Fixup reflection
  • Add deps.edn; Pregenerate routes; Split runtimes; Add tests
  • Switch to rum based macro. Add hook support based on rum hook
  • Switch from data.json to jsonista + fixes
  • Use Clojure in :scope "provided"
  • Handle not existing invocation-id
  • (Breaking change) Don't keywordize envs. Tidy up runtime.
  • Use only one arity lambdas
  • Remove logging system. User should use 3rd party logging implementations
  • Update coordinates to docker image
  • Allow pass of --static parameter with --libc=musl
  • remove 'choly' (#22)
  • Revert removal of Dockerfile. Bump graalvm
  • Add install-graalvm command
  • Remove Node.js dependency
  • Switch from joker -> clj-kondo
  • Example makefile improvements (#19)
  • chore(deps): bump bleach from 3.1.0 to 3.1.1 in /src/python/choly (#15)
  • chore(deps): bump handlebars from 4.1.2 to 4.5.3 (#14)
  • test(agent): fix tests by correctly sorting payloads (thanks @vemv)
  • chore(documentation,release-script): reformat documentation & fix releaser

0.0.7 (18-07-2019)


  • chore(documentation) Introduce the first draft of documentation
  • fix(custom_runtime,choly) Keywordize hashmap & fix CodeUri gen
  • chore(test, Change badge & attempt to fix test run
  • chore(package.json): bump git-cz dependencies

0.0.5 (17-07-2019)


  • feat(choly,agent): Add basic choly cli tool & agent executor
  • Initial repro for
  • refactor(core,agent): Move the core to separate namespaces & implement draft of GraalVM agent
  • fix(cljdoc): Fix cljdoc build
  • fix(circleci): Fix CircleCi configuration

0.0.2 (09-06-2019)


  • ci(circleci): Add CircleCi automation
  • feat(sqs-example): Add reproducible error in sqs-example for GraalVM team
  • feat(example, runtime, version): Add sqs example & bump the version of Clojure dependency
  • feat(graalvm,dockerfile): Change the default version of GraalVM to the latest stable one
  • feat(runtime,makefiles,readme): Add custom logger & log the runtime fatals
  • feat(runtime,makefiles): Add workable lambda for both runtimes
  • feat(runtime,fnative): Add a very first version of holy-lambda

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