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6. Focusing and Skipping

Often you will want to skip certain tests, so they don't get run, or you want to focus on specific tests, so only those get run.

For example, you can:

  • Skip tests that aren't finished yet
  • Skip tests marked as slow
  • Focus on a test that previously failed

You can skip tests, or focus on tests, either based on a test ID, or on test or namespace metadata, based on four command line flags and configuration keys.

--skip SYM-OR-KW                  Skip tests with this ID and their children.
--focus SYM-OR-KW                 Only run this test, skip others.
--skip-meta SYM-OR-KW             Skip tests where this metadata key is truthy.
--focus-meta SYM-OR-KW            Only run tests where this metadata key is truthy.


Before running Kaocha builds a test plan where all tests are identified by a test ID keyword. The command line then canonicalises any IDs you supply into this keyword form, before matching them for focussing or skipping.

On a test suite

Assuming you have a test suite :unit specified in tests.edn:

{:tests [{:id :unit
          :skip [...]
          :focus [...]
          :skip-meta [...]
          :focus-meta [...]}]}

You can focus on this by running:

bin/kaocha --focus :unit

On a namespace

If you have tests in a namespace and you want to run them all you can focus on them with the command:

bin/kaocha --focus

On a test var

Assuming you have a test var defined with for example clojure.test deftest, you can focus on it by supplying its fully qualified name like so:

bin/kaocha --focus

On metadata

Suppose you have tests that are checked into version control, but that still need work. You can mark these with a metadata tag:

(deftest ^:pending my-test

To ignore such tests, add a :skip-meta key to the test suite config:

{:tests [{:id :unit
          :skip-meta [:pending]}]}

And then run via the command:

bin/kaocha --focus :unit

This also works for metadata placed in the test's namespace, or any other metadata that a given test type implementation exposes. For example, kaocha-cucumber converts scenario tags into metadata.

Focusing on metadata: special case

--focus-meta will only work if at least one test has this metadata tag. If not a single test matches then this metadata is ignored. Assuming no other filters are in effect, this will result in running all tests.

This way you can configure a certain key in tests.edn that you can use when you want to zone in on a specific test. Add the metadata to the test and only this test runs, remove it and the whole suite runs:

{:tests [{:focus-meta [:xxx]}]}
(deftest ^:xxx my-test

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