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CLI: --profile option

The --profile KEYWORD flags sets the profile that is used to read the tests.edn configuration file. By using the #profile {} tagged reader literal you can provide different configuration values for different scenarios.

If the CI environment value is set to "true", as is the case on most CI platforms, then the profile will default to :ci. Otherwise it defaults to :default.

Specifying profile on the command line

  • Given a file named "tests.edn" with:
{:reporter #profile {:ci
  • And a file named "test/my/project/my_test.clj" with:
  (:require [clojure.test :refer :all]))

(deftest test-1
  (is true))
  • When I run bin/kaocha --profile :ci

  • And the output should contain:

--- unit (clojure.test) ---------------------------

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