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Default Interceptors

[metosin/reitit-interceptors "0.7.0-alpha7"]

Just like the ring default middleware, but for interceptors.

Parameters handling

  • reitit.http.interceptors.parameters/parameters-interceptor

Exception handling

  • reitit.http.interceptors.exception/exception-interceptor

Content Negotiation

  • reitit.http.interceptors.muuntaja/format-interceptor
  • reitit.http.interceptors.muuntaja/format-negotiate-interceptor
  • reitit.http.interceptors.muuntaja/format-request-interceptor
  • reitit.http.interceptors.muuntaja/format-response-interceptor

Multipart request handling

  • reitit.http.interceptors.multipart/multipart-interceptor

Example app

See an example app with the default interceptors in action:

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