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External Resources

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IDE Support


  • re-frame-template - Generates the client side SPA
  • Luminus - Generates SPA plus server side.
  • re-natal - React Native apps.
  • Slush-reframe - A scaffolding generator for re-frame run using NodeJS. Based on re-frame 0.7.0
  • Celibidache - An opinionated starter for re-frame applications using Boot. Based on re-frame 0.7.0

Examples and Applications Using re-frame

  • RealWorld - heavily inspired by todomvc - well commented codebase with CRUD, auth, advanced patterns, etc) that adheres to the RealWorld spec and API.
  • BlueGenes - searching and analysing genomic data, by the University of Cambridge
  • Memento a private note-taking app. Uses compojure-api, PostgreSQL and token auth.
  • RealWord has CRUD, auth. Adheres to RealWorld spec and API.
  • How to create decentralised apps with re-frame and Ethereum - Tutorial with links to code and live example.
  • Braid - A new approach to group chat, designed around conversations and tags instead of rooms.
  • Elfeed-cljsrn - A mobile client for Elfeed rss reader, built with React Native.
  • Memory Hole - A small issue tracking app written with Luminus and re-frame.
  • Crossed - A multiplayer crossword puzzle generator. Based on re-frame 0.7.0
  • imperimetric - Webapp for converting texts with some system of measurement to another, such as imperial to metric.
  • Brave Clojure Open Source A site using re-frame, liberator, boot and more to display active github projects that powers Based on re-frame 0.6.0
  • flux-challenge with re-frame - "a frontend challenge to test UI architectures and solutions". re-frame 0.5.0
  • fractalify - An entertainment and educational webapp for creating & sharing fractal images that powers Based on re-frame 0.4.1
  • boodle - A simple SPA for accounting. It uses, among others, re-frame, http-kit, compojure-api and it runs on PostgreSQL.
  • status-react - A mobile OS for Ethereum. Server, SPA + React Native App
  • Catlantis - React Native App about cats
  • Lymchat - React Native App to learn different cultures
  • ventas - Ecommerce platform made with a full-clojure stack

Effect and CoEffect Handlers



Tools, Techniques & Libraries


  • re-frame-10x - A debugging dashboard for re-frame
  • re-frisk - A library for visualizing re-frame data and events.

React Native

  • re-natal: Bootstrap ClojureScript React Native apps
  • cljsrn-re-frame-workers: A library supporting react-native-workers with re-frame for ClojureScript and React Native.
  • re-navigate: Example of React Native Navigation with re-frame/re-natal


Server Side Rendering

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