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  • Support multiple flag for select #259 thx @tomasd


  • add ^js typehint to React Context #251 #256 thx @alexdao3


  • restored :will-update for backward compatibility #249 thx @tiensonqin



  • Bringing back async rendering queue to address performance issues in existing clients



  • Actually fixed broken interpretation of a collection of elements, due to incorrect fragment-tag? check #235



  • Fixed broken interpretation of a collection of elements, due to incorrect fragment? check #235



  • Fixed warnings not being disabled in shadow-cljs @Azzurite



  • :did-remount is now :will-remount, the name matches semantics closely
  • Added support for soft-deprecated lifecycle methods prefixed with UNSAFE: :unsafe/will-mount and :unsafe/will-update
  • Added a wrapper for React's useLayoutEffect hook: use-layout-effect!
  • Added Reagent-like :> syntax for interop with React components


  • Fixed fragment macro not supporting optional attributes
  • Fixed crashing in projects using Rum w/o ClojureScript dependency



  • Fixed rum/local & rum/reactive components not being updated when rum/static is enabled #221



  • Added missing :did-update and :key-fn to specs



  • Changed the order of arguments in use-reducer's reducer-fn to match React #213
  • String attribute keys won't be camel cased in ClojureScript, allowing custom attributes #129
  • Added assertions to check incorrect mixin keys #96
  • Added rum.core/set-warn-on-interpretation! that enables warnings when compiler emits intepretation calls 66d352
  • Added README section about Hiccup pre-compilation and interpretation #103


  • Fixed defcontext macro #214



  • Upgraded to ClojureScript 1.10.773


  • Removed custom update scheduling mechanism (hopefully doesn't break anything)
  • Replaced Sablono with Daiquiri, reworked Sablono fork (in case if you are depending on Sablono)


  • Ported Sablono's test suite
  • Added unit tests runner on Node
  • Added alternative Hiccup syntax for React.Fragment :<>



  • Rum now requires Clojure 1.9.0
  • Upgraded to ClojureScript 1.10.597
  • Upgraded to React 16.8.6


  • Deprecated usage of string refs
  • Deprecated legacy React Context API of string refs


  • Added deps.edn
  • Added use-state, use-reducer, use-effect!, use-callback, use-memo and use-ref hooks
  • Added rum.lazy-loader ns and suspense component
  • Added fragment component
  • Added JS SSR API (#105)
  • Added React Context API
  • Changed component's displayName to a fully qualified var name e.g. app.core/button
  • Added React.createRef API
  • Added adapter for JavaScript React components to be used in Rum with a fallback hook to render on JVM


  • Fixed :type attribute value serialization on JVM SSR (#120)
  • Fixed an error when calling rum/with-key on multiple return components on JVM SSR (#185)
  • Fixed string escaping for :class and :type attribute values (#93)
  • Fixed unsused components not removed in production builds


  • Fix render-all to forbid forceUpdate on falsy comp (#193, thx @FieryCod)



  • Server-render on-* event handlers with string values


  • Sablono or CLJS are excluded completely when using SSR (#83, #157)

0.11.0 (thx Roman Liutikov & Alexander Solovyov, #151)

  • [ BREAKING ] contextTypes and childContextTypes should be specified through :static-properties instead of :class-properties
  • React 16.2.0, Sablono 0.8.1
  • Added rum/portal method
  • Added :did-catch lifecycle callback
  • Added rum/hydrate and updated SSR output to match React’s


  • React 15.4.2-0, Sablono 0.7.7
  • Render boolean aria-* values as strings (thx r0man, #114)
  • Escape attributes during server-side rendering (thx Alexander Solovyov, #115)


  • Fixed server-side rendering discrepancy (#99)
  • Sablono 0.7.5, React 15.3.1-0


  • Sablono 0.7.4 fixes the issue with controlling components refusing to change value if non-string value was used
  • React 15.3.0-0
  • Throw error when < is misplaced in defc (thx Martin Klepsch, #88, #90)


  • Sablono 0.7.3 fixes the issue when IE lost keystrokes in controlled inputs/textarea (#86)
  • React 15.2.1-1
  • Warn when rum.core/react is used without rum.core/reactive (thx Martin Klepsch, #82, #87)



  • Fixed regression of displayName in 0.10.0
  • Bumped React to 15.2.0


  • Fixed a bug when :before-render and :will-update weren’t called on subsequent renders


  • Made rum.core/state public again
  • :before-render should be called on server-side rendering too (thx Alexander Solovyov, #79)


A big cleanup/optmization/goodies release with a lot breaking changes. Read carefully!

  • [ BREAKING ] cursor got renamed to cursor-in. New cursor method added that takes single key (as everywhere in Clojure)
  • [ BREAKING ] rum/mount returns nil (because you shouldn’t rely on return value of ReactDOM.render)
  • [ BREAKING ] :transfer-state is gone. All of component’s state is now transferred by default. If you still need to do something fancy on componentWillReceiveProps, new callback is called :did-remount callback
  • [ BREAKING ] removed cursored and cursored-watch mixins. They felt too unnatural to use
  • [ BREAKING ] removed rum/with-props (deprecated since 0.3.0). Use rum/with-key and rum/with-ref instead
  • [ BREAKING ] server-side rendering no longer calls :did-mount (obviously, that was a mistake)
  • [ BREAKING ] :rum/id is gone. If you need an unique id per component, allocate one in :init as store it in state under namespaced key

When upgrading to 0.10.0, check this migration checklist:

  • Change all rum/cursor calls to rum/cursor-in
  • Find all :transfer-state mixins.
    • If the only thing they were doing is something like (fn [old new] (assoc new ::key (::key old))), just delete them.
    • If not, rename to :did-remount
  • Check if you were using rum/mount return value. If yes, find another way to obtain component (e.g. via ref, defcc etc)
  • Replace rum/with-props with rum/with-key, rum/with-ref or :key-fn
  • Check that you weren’t relying on :did-mount in server-side rendering

Now for the good stuff:

  • Cursors now support metadata, alter-meta! etc
  • Cursors can be used from Clojure
  • Added :key-fn to mixins. That function will be called before element creation, with same arguments as render fn, and its return value will be used as a key on that element
  • Mixins can specify :before-render (triggered at componentWillMount and componentWillUpdate) and :after-render (componentDidMount and componentDidUpdate) callback
  • Added rum/ref and rum/ref-node helpers, returning backing component and DOM node
  • Some client-side API functions added to server version (dom-node, unmount, request-render etc). Their implementation just throws an exception. This is to help you write less conditional directives in e.g. :did-mount or :will-unmount mixins. They will never be called, but won’t stop code from compiling either.

And couple of optimizations:

  • Rum now makes use of staless components (nothing for you to do, if your component is defined via defc with no mixins, it’ll be automatically compiled to stateless component)
  • Rum will use React’s batched updates to perform rendering on requestAnimationFrame in a single chunk
  • Streamlined internals of component construction, removed render->mixin, args->state, element and ctor->class


  • Added rum.core/derived-atom, a function that let you build reactive chains and directed acyclic graphs of dependent atoms. E.g. you want *c to always contain a value of *a plus a value of *b and update whenever any of them changes
  • Added rum.core/dom-node helper that takes state and finds corresponding top DOM node of a component. Can be called in mixins after initial render only
  • Fixed compatibility of with-key on nil-returning component in server rendering (thx Alexander Solovyov, #73)


  • Better support for server-side rendering of SVG
  • [ BREAKING ] Rum used to support multiple ways to specify attributes. You would expect that both :allow-full-screen, :allowFullScreen and "allowFullScreen" would be normalized to allowfullscreen. As a result, you have to face three problems:
    • how do I decide which variant to use?
    • how do I ensure consistency accross my team and our codebase?
    • find & replace become harder

Starting with 0.9.0, Rum will adopt “There’s Only One Way To Do It” policy. All attributes MUST be specified as kebab-cased keywords:

AttributeWhat to useWhat not to use
class:class~~:class-name~~ ~~:className~~
for:for~~:html-for~~ ~~:htmlFor~~
unescaped innerHTML:dangerouslySetInnerHTML { :__html { "..." }}
uncontrolled value:default-value~~:defaultValue~~
uncontrolled checked:default-checked~~:defaultChecked~~
itemid, classid:item-id, :class-id~~:itemID~~ ~~:itemId~~ ~~:itemid~~
xml:lang etc:xml-lang~~:xml/lang~~ ~~:xmlLang~~ ~~"xml:lang"~~
xlink:href etc:xlink-href~~:xlink/href~~ ~~:xlinkHref~~ ~~"xlink:href"~~
xmlnsnot supported

To migrate to 0.9.0 from earlier versions, just do search-and-replace for non-standard variants and replace them with recommended ones.


  • Improved server-side rendering for inputs (#67 & beyond)
  • Compatible server-side rendering of components that return nil (#64)
  • Upgraded React to 15.1.0


  • rum/render-static-markup call for pure HTML templating. Use it if you’re not planning to connect your page with React later
  • rum/def* macros now correctly retain metadata that already exists on a symbol (thx aJchemist, #62)


  • Add rum.core/unmount function (thx emnh, #61)


  • Retain :arglists metadata on vars defined by rum/def* macros (thx aJchemist, #60)


  • Migrated to React 15.0.1
  • Optimized server-side rendering (~4× faster than Rum 0.7.0, ~2-3× faster than Hiccup 1.0.5)




  • Added :class-properties to define arbitrary properties on a React class (thx Karanbir Toor, #44)
  • [ BREAKING ] Removed support for :child-context-types and :context-types. Use { :class-properties { :childContextTypes ..., :contextTypes ... } } instead.



  • Fixed bug with rum macros emitting wrong namespace. You can now require rum.core under any alias you want (thx Stuart Hinson, #42)


  • [ BREAKING ] Core namespace was renamed from rum to rum.core to supress CLJS warnings


  • Upgraded to React 0.13.3, Sablono 0.3.6, ClojueScript 1.7.48
  • New API to access context: child-context, child-context-types, context-types (thx Karanbir Toor, #37)
  • New defcc macro for when you only need React component, not the whole Rum state
  • [ BREAKING ] Component inner state (:rum/state) was moved from props to state. It doesn’t change a thing if you were using Rum API only, but might break something if you were relaying on internal details
  • Deprecated rum/with-props macro, use rum/with-key or rum/with-ref fns instead


  • Allow components to refer to themselves (thx Kevin Lynagh, #30)
  • Support for multi-arity render fns (#23)


  • Added local mixin


  • Fixed argument destructuring in defc macro (#22)



  • Components defined via defc/defcs will have displayName defined (thx Ivan Dubrov, #16)
  • Not referencing requestAnimationFrame when used in headless environment (thx @whodidthis, #14)


  • Compatibility with clojurescript 0.0-2758, macros included automatically when (:require rum)


  • Updated deps to clojurescript 0.0-2727, react 0.12.2-5 and sablono 0.3.1


  • [ BREAKING ] New syntax for mixins: (defc name < mixin1 mixin2 [args] body...)
  • New defcs macro that adds additional first argument to render function: state
  • Ability to specify key and ref to rum components via with-props


  • Fixed a bug when render-loop tried to .forceUpdate unmounted elements
  • Fixed a cursor leak bug in reactive mixin
  • Removed :should-update from reactive, it now will be re-rendered if re-created by top-level element
  • Combine reactive with static to avoid re-rendering if component is being recreated with the same args

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