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React Suspense and code-splitting

This requires Rum 0.11.5-SNAPSHOT or newer

React Suspense allows loading components lazily from code chunks while displaying a fallback UI when a chunk is loading.

Create build configuration in build.edn. :modules describe code chunks with their corresponding entry points, read more about code-splitting at

{:output-dir "resources/public/out"
 :asset-path "out"
 :optimizations :advanced
 :modules    {:core
              {:entries   #{example.core}
               :output-to "resources/public/out/core.js"}
              {:entries   #{example.components}
               :output-to "resources/public/out/components.js"}}}

In example.components namespace we declare a component that will be used later in example.core ns, which will be in another chunk. For that to work we have to instruct explicitly chunks loader runtime that it was loaded. cljs.loader/set-loaded! takes the name of the chunk as specified in build config.

(ns example.components
  (:require [rum.core :as rum]
            [cljs.loader :as loader]))

(rum/defc alert [arg]
  [:h1 arg])

(loader/set-loaded! :components)

In example.core we do the same to instruct about when chunk loading is done, but we also using require-lazy macro to require alert component from a namespace in another chunk. Then the component is wrapped in suspense component that takes care of loading and displaying a fallback.

(ns example.core
  (:require [cljs.loader :as loader]
            [rum.core :as rum]
            [rum.lazy-loader :refer [require-lazy]]))

(require-lazy '[example.components :refer [alert]])

(rum/defc root []
  (rum/suspense {:fallback "Hello!"}
    (alert "ARGUMENT")))

(loader/set-loaded! :core)

(rum/mount (root) (.getElementById js/document "root"))

Now if you build the code clj -m cljs.main -co build.edn -c example.core you'll get 3 chunks: core.js, components.js and cljs_base.js which includes the code shared between those two chunks.

Your HTML should look like this.

<div id="root"></div>
<script src="/out/cljs_base.js"></script>
<script src="/out/core.js"></script>

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