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It is possible to write and execute unit tests using Planck.

Let's say you have a namespace with a function you'd like to test.

(ns foo.core)

(defn square
  (+ x x))

You can test foo.core by writing a test namespace:

(ns foo.core-test
  (:require [cljs.test :refer-macros [deftest is]]
(deftest test-square
  (is (= 0 (foo.core/square 0)))
  (is (= 9 (foo.core/square 3))))

Then you can run the unit tests using run-tests:

cljs.user=> (cljs.test/run-tests 'foo.core-test)

Testing foo.core-test

FAIL in (test-square) (:5:1)
expected: (= 9 (foo.core/square 3))
  actual: (not (= 9 6))

Ran 1 tests containing 2 assertions.
1 failures, 0 errors.

If you fix the definition of square to make use of * instead of +, then you can run the tests again and see thing they pass:

cljs.user=> (cljs.test/run-tests 'foo.core-test)

Testing foo.core-test

Ran 1 tests containing 2 assertions.
0 failures, 0 errors.

Custom Asserts

The cljs.test library provides a mechanism for writing custom asserts that can be used with the is macro—in the form of an assert-expr defmulti.

To define your own assert, simply provide a defmethod for cljs.test$macros/assert-expr. Here's an example:

If you evaluate (is (char? nil)) you will get a cryptic error report:

ERROR in () (isUnicodeChar@file:269:12)
expected: (char? nil)
  actual: #object[TypeError TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'ch.length')]

You can define a custom assert for this situation:

(defmethod cljs.test$macros/assert-expr 'char? 
  [menv msg form]
  (let [arg    (second form)
        result (and (not (nil? arg))
                    (char? arg))]
       (if ~result
           {:type     :pass
            :message  ~msg
            :expected '~form
            :actual   (list '~'char? ~arg)})
           {:type     :fail
            :message  ~msg
            :expected '~form
            :actual   (list '~'not 
                        (list '~'char? ~arg))}))

With this, (is (char? nil)) yields:

FAIL in () (eval@[native code]:NaN:NaN)
expected: (char? nil)
  actual: (not (char? nil))

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