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Basic Clojure

To try out LambdaCD, here's what you need to know:

  • How to install Leiningen (this is the build-tool we are using, like Maven in Java)

  • Syntax

    • (foo "bar" 5): this executes the function foo with the arguments "bar" (which is a string) and 5 (an integer)
    • { :foo "bar" }: this is a map with a key :foo mapping to a value "bar"
    • (defn add [a b] (+ a b)): this defines a function add with two parameters a and b that returns the sum of a and b
  • You'll also need an editor. LightTable is very popular at the moment, but you can really use anything. If you are used to IntelliJ, try out the Cursive


This will most likely not be enough so here are some places with more detailed infos:

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