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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

LambdaCD is a Clojure library that gives you the building blocks to write your own build-server. It's aim is to replace existing CI/CD tools with custom built pipeline services, defined completely in code.

Why do I need this?

Because code is a great way to express what we want! When your build pipeline is in code, you'll get

  • version control
  • refactoring
  • testing
  • reuse
  • dependency management
  • flexibility
  • power

basically for free!

Can I use this in my project?

This project is still in it's early phase, so don't rely on everything being just perfect out of the box. But I do know people are using LambdaCD for serious work so it probably can work on your project as well.

How do I do X?

See How To

Does it support X?

Probably not. As mentioned above, LambdaCD is a young project so your favorite feature might be missing. If this is the case, feel free to reach out or open a ticket so I know what people really need.

Or even better: build the feature yourself! LambdaCD is meant to be extensible and since everything in your build-pipeline is code, lots of things should be straightforward to implement as code that runs in your build-step (e.g. support for another VCS, test result processing, custom control flow, ...).

Can I display build results on my information radiator?

There is a separate library to expose your build pipeline in cctray.xml format: lambdacd-cctray Most build pipeline monitors can read this format so you should be able to plug LambdaCD right in.

Does LambdaCD support more than one pipeline?

Yes, you can run as many pipelines as you wish in one instance of LambdaCD. Just define a second one and initialize it just like the first one.

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