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  • it's a continuous delivery pipeline, in code
  • it's your own custom built Jenkins/Go/TeamCity/..., in clojure


Clojars Project

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Getting started

  • Make sure you have Leiningen and a recent version of JDK installed
  • lein new lambdacd <NAME> will create a new pipeline-project
  • cd <NAME>
  • lein run downloads all dependencies and starts the server; the UI is then served on on http://localhost:8080
  • your pipeline is defined in src/<NAME>/. Have a look around, change some steps or add some steps on your own
  • For more details, check out the resources and related projects below


;; buildsteps
(def some-repo "")

(defn wait-for-repo [_ ctx]
  (git/wait-for-git ctx some-repo "master"))

(defn ^{:display-type :container} with-repo [& steps]
  (git/with-git some-repo steps))

(defn run-tests [{cwd :cwd} ctx]
  (shell/bash ctx cwd
    "lein test"))

(defn compile-and-deploy [{cwd :cwd} ctx]
  (shell/bash ctx cwd

;; the pipeline
(def pipeline





Related projects

  • lambda-ui: Opinionated alternative user-interface with improved usability
  • lambdacd-git: Next generation of Git support for LambdaCD. Will replace the functionality in the core lambdacd.steps.git namespace in the future
  • lambdacd-cctray: Support for cctray.xml to integrate LambdaCD with build monitoring tools such as nevergreen or CCMenu
  • lambdacd-artifacts: Makes arbitrary build-artifacts (test-results, binaries, ...) available on LambdaCD
  • lambdacd-junit: Makes JUnit test reports available in LambdaCD
  • lambdacd-cron: A cron trigger for your LambdaCD
  • lambdacd-mongodb: Alternative persistence backend for LambdaCD, saving the pipeline state into MongoDB instead of the filesystem
  • machroput: LambdaCD-aware library simplifying deployments into a Mesos Cluster running Marathon or Chronos


I'd love to hear from you! If you have a question, a bug report or feature request please reach out.

For details, refer to the contribution guide


LambdaCD is built in Clojure and ClojureScript with Leiningen as a build-tool. The ./go script is your main entry-point that wraps all important development tasks. Call it without arguments to see all the options.

General Setup

  • Call ./go setup to install necessary dependencies and build everything once.

Core Development

  • Sources for the core of LambdaCD can be found in src/clj, tests in test/clj.
  • Run tests with ./go test-clj
  • To run a sample-pipeline (see example/clj), run ./go serve. You may have to run ./go serve-cljs occasionally to generate the frontend JS code from ClojureScript.
  • If you want the example pipeline to be green (which is not necessary for all development), you first need to setup a mock-deployment environment on your machine (two VMs where we deploy a TodoMVC client and server):
    • install Vagrant
    • have github-access set up (you need to be able to clone with ssh)
    • ./go setupTodopipelineEnv starts up two VMs in vagrant where we deploy to and exports the ssh-config for them so that it can be used by the deployment scripts

Frontend Development

  • The frontend is written in ClojureScript using Reagent and re-frame
  • Frontend resources can be found in resources/public, ClojureScript code in src/cljs, tests in test/cljs
  • Stylesheets are written in are in Less and can be found in src/less
  • ClojureScript code needs to be compiled into JS before being useful
  • In three terminals, run ./go serve to start an example pipeline (if you want it to be green, follow the environment setup above), ./go serve-cljs to start a ClojureScript REPL and automatic code-reloading using Figwheel and ./go serve-css to run the css autoprefixer watch
  • Run ./go test-cljs to run frontend-tests or ./go test-cljs-auto to start autotest


Copyright © 2014 Florian Sellmayr

Distributed under the Apache License 2.0

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